Mission Statement

The Kaleidoscope works to provide a place where neurodiverse individuals and their families can comfortably interact, providing socialization and independent living skill development opportunities through an entertainment venue which is sensitive to those with sensory processing disorders.

What Makes the Club Sensory Friendly

The club's environment includes some Yogibo furniture; dim, non-glare lighting instead of harsh overhead fluorescent lights; music volume maintained to a set maximum; headphones and disposable ear plugs; odor neutralizers; disposable gloves; and a quiet room with a rocking recliner, weighted blanket, and quiet activities.

Facilitating interaction between the members, there are both guided and self-directed activities.  In contrast to therapeutic programs, members are simply encouraged to participate to the degree they most feel comfortable, nothing is mandatory. 


Schedules for specific age brackets and group classifications (i.e. teens, adults, families) provides targeted interaction opportunities.

While the club is geared towards the autism community

and namely those with sensory processing disorder, it is not exclusive -- it is open to everyone.


Members should be able to function independently with

minimal supervision due to staffing limitations.  If an individual requires an aide,

staff will determine if the

club is a good fit and

whether the aide must stay

and assist the individual.

Matt improv demo.jpg

Comedian Matt Kaiser demonstrating a props

comedy improv game

What's Available at the Club

Activities provided by both neurotypical and neurodiverse staff, volunteers, and business partners / associates include, 

but are not limited to:

  • Electronic, board, card and trivia games

  • Foosball

  • Theater and comedic workshop games

  • Arts and crafts, music, etc.

  • Independent living topical discussions and skill development

  • Mommy and Me preschool age playgroups


While the primary focus of The Kaleidoscope is to function as a social club, its secondary goal is to help prepare neurodiverse individuals for independent living and obtain or create meaningful employment.


Through club offerings, members may find a particular area of interest in which The Kaleidoscope can assist in providing job leads through its network of business associates.

Alternatively, members may seek assistance from

The Kaleidoscope in taking steps to start their own

micro business.